I-15 Express Lanes

Using the Express Lanes Is Easier Than You Think.

FasTrak Welcome Kit Brochure
Folleto Kit de Bienvenida de FasTrak

Carpool or Vanpool 

If you have two or more people in your vehicle, just jump in the Express Lanes and GO!

Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles

People with low-emission vehicles can use the I-15 Express Lanes as a solo driver without having to pay the toll. These vehicles must display the proper sticker. For more information about HOV lane usage by low-emission vehicles visit the California Department of Motor Vehicles website.

How to Use FasTrak on the I-15 Express Lanes
Here are 10 easy steps for using FasTrak on the I-15 Express Lanes:

I-15 Express Lanes Image1. Approach any of the numerous I-15 Express Lanes entrances, and look for the large sign displaying toll information for FasTrak customers. View the interactive map for locations and exits. Just scroll over the green arrows for more information.

2. The sign will display the minimum toll for entering the Express Lanes as well as the maximum possible toll.

3. I-15 Express Lanes tolls range from 50 cents to a maximum of $8.00. Tolls are factored based on the number of miles you travel and the congestion in the Express Lanes at the time of entry.

4. Once you have passed the electronic sign, simply look for the break that separates the regular highway lanes from the I-15 Express Lanes. Then, follow the pavement markings through the transition into the Express Lanes and safely enter. Now you are on your way!

5. For solo drivers, an overhead antenna instantly senses your FasTrak transponder when it is properly displayed on your windshield. Solo drivers should not enter the Express Lanes when “HOV ONLY” is displayed in the overhead signs. If you enter the lanes after the “HOV ONLY” message is displayed, you will be charged the maximum toll amount and assessed a fine equal to the maximum toll amount.  

6. Next, the system will instantly deduct the correct toll from your prepaid FasTrak account.

7. Exiting the Express Lanes is fast, easy, and efficient. Signs will warn you about the exit points. Just look for another break, and follow the lane striping into the regular highway lanes. Please make certain you maintain a safe speed as you merge back into traffic.

8. Direct access ramps allow users to enter and exit the Express Lanes from the convenient transit stations along I-15. The transit stations are another way that the I-15 Express Lanes have been designed with ease of use in mind, as they allow for ample parking for carpoolers, vanpoolers, and transit riders.

9. Note that ridesharing is always FREE on the I-15 Express Lanes. As long as two or more people are in your car, you can enjoy the time-saving benefits of the I-15 Express Lanes at no cost. Simply remove the transponder from your windshield, and place it in the Mylar® bag provided with your transponder. This will prevent your transponder from being read by the FasTrak tolling system and will ensure you aren’t charged the toll.

10. Tell everyone about all the time, hassle, and money you’ve saved. Congratulations, you’ve enjoyed congestion-free travel on the I-15 Express Lanes!