I-15 FasTrak Tolls

What is "dynamic tolling," and how does it save time?

Don't worry about stopping to pay a toll at a booth. The I-15 Express Lanes uses a process called "dynamic tolling." Our overhead antennas automatically detect the FasTrak transponder in your vehicle and deduct the appropriate amount from your prepaid account.

How are tolls calculated?
Tolls are based on the distance you travel and the level of congestion at the time you enter the corridor.

How will I know what I’ve been charged?
When you enter the corridor, you will see prominent signs that clearly state what you are being charged. Again, FasTrak and the I-15 Express Lanes are all about ease of use and significantly reducing your travel time!

What is a typical toll charge?
Charges range from 50 cents to $8.00 depending on the distance you travel and congestion in the Express Lanes at the time.

How many miles are covered by the I-15 Express Lanes?
The Express Lanes total 20 miles. You can use them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

If I am a solo driver with FasTrak and an “HOV only” sign is posted, can I enter the Express Lanes?
No. If you see an "HOV Only" sign on the I-15 Express Lanes, do not enter unless there are two or more people in your vehicle. Entering is a violation, and you will be charged the maximum toll of $8.00. However, if you are already driving in the Express Lanes when the “HOV Only” message is posted, then you may remain in for the remainder of your trip.

Two ways to get the most value from your use of the I-15 Express Lanes:

  • Any solo driver who spends more than $4.50 per month in tolls on the I-15 Express Lanes does not have to pay the Monthly Account Plan fee of $4.50. Instead, only the monthly tolls will be posted to the account.
  • If you carpool, vanpool, or use the MTS Premium Express Bus, you can travel in the Express Lanes for FREE! Learn more about ridesharing

An image of a carpooling bagNOTE: If you rideshare with two or more people in your car, please remove the transponder from your windshield and place it in the Mylar bag that was provided with your transponder. This will prevent your transponder from being read by the FasTrak tolling system and will ensure you aren’t charged the toll.

Zero-emission vehicles displaying a Clean Air Vehicle sticker are allowed to travel in the Express Lanes for free with a solo driver. For more information on California’s regulations governing single-occupant use of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOVs) lanes and a list of qualifying vehicles visit the California Environmental Protection Agency, Air Resources Board at: http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/carpool/carpool.htm.