FasTrak Fees


How is my Monthly Account Plan fee calculated?


  1. There is a $4.50 minimum monthly toll (MMT) that is part of your Monthly Account Plan. However, the MMT can be applied to your monthly toll usage if you spend more than $4.50 per month in tolls using the I-15 Express Lanes or South Bay Expressway. This way, you will only have to pay the cost of your I-15 or SBX tolls.
  2. If you don't spend $4.50 per month in tolls, your account will be assessed the difference up to a total of $4.50 for an account with one transponder.
  3. Your MMT will be automatically deducted the following month. This means, for example, that your May MMT would be deducted in June.
  4. Only tolls incurred on the I-15 Express Lanes or South Bay Expressway through electronic toll payment using a valid transponder registered to the I-15 Express Lanes or SBX account contribute toward the account plan.
  5. Transactions on other FasTrak toll roads and bridges (outside San Diego) will not count toward the MMT fee total.


Important additional fee-related information:

Note: In order to avoid unnecessary fees, always update your credit card and license plate information when warranted.

Fee Schedule

I-15 Express Lanes


South Bay Expressway

Minimum Monthly in Tolls (One Transponder Included)




Minimum Monthly in Tolls for Each Additional Transponder




Request Extra Printed Statement
(e.g., Monthly or Annual Statement Request)




Automatic Quarterly Printed Statement
(Opt in Required)




Returned Check/
Insufficient Funds




Declined Credit



$5.00* effective 10/21/13

Account Negative Balance/
Account Suspension Fee

$15.00   $25.00

Collections Fee




Damages/Lost or Stolen Transponder Replacement




Transaction Fee for License Plate Image-based Transactions

N/A $2.00